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Version: 0.15.17


Compose handlers. Sometimes you may want to use multiple handlers to handle one event so you can reuse each of them on different situation. We provide middleware method which enables you to compose multiple handlers in a functional style.

Middleware are simple functions which return a MiddlewareFunction with signature (ctx, next). When the middleware is run, it must manually invoke next() to run the "downstream" middleware.

-- koa


middleware([handler1, handler2, ...])

Compose the given handlers as a middleware and return a composed handler.

Handlers is an array of functions with args like below:

* @param {Object} context - A context can use all methods in client (see {@link
*}|messaging-apis}) and sessions.
* @param {Function} next - call `next()` to pass control to the next handler.
function handler(context, next) {
/* ... */


const { middleware } = require('bottender');


const composedHandler = middleware([
function handler1(context, next) { /* ... */ },
function handler2(context, next) { /* ... */ },



Each event came from bot will be handled by function handler1.

Call next() in function handler1 and it will go to function handler2.

more example for middleware.