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Version: 0.15.17

Error Handling

When you develop a bot using Bottender, you can use the following approaches for error handling:

Try Catch

Bottender leverages one of the JS features async/await. It means that you can use try...catch to handle errors.

Put the try block inside the handler function, and the error will be caught.

For example:

bot.onEvent(async (context) => {
try {
await fetch('');
await context.sendText('');
} catch (err) {
// handle errors here...


Bottender also supports builder approaches to handle errors. Use builder.onError and pass the error handler function. You will get the error at the second parameter in the handler function.

For example:

// you can choose other supported handler accroding to the platform
const { MessengerHandler } = require('bottender');

const handler = new MessengerHandler()
.onEvent(async (context) => {
throw new Error('An error happened!');
.onError(async (context, err) => {
// handle errors here...
await context.sendText(err.message);


Here is the full example of Messenger builder.