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Version: 0.15.17


Build Your First Console Bot

Import ConsoleBot from bottender package and create a bot instance:

const { ConsoleBot } = require('bottender');

const bot = new ConsoleBot();

Then, define your handler function:

bot.onEvent(async (context) => {
if (context.event.isText) {
await context.sendText('received text.');
} else if (context.event.isPayload) {
await context.sendText('received payload.');

Call createRuntime to start the interactive mode:



Sending Text

Send text to the bot. For example:


Sending Payload

Send payload to the bot. For example:


Fallback Unsupported Methods

ConsoleBot only has native support for sendText. After setting fallbackMethods to true, you can call any methods on the context and display all of the response as text:

const bot = new ConsoleBot({
fallbackMethods: true,

bot.onEvent(async (context) => {
await context.sendText('Hello World');
await context.sendImage('');
await context.sendButtonTemplate('What do you want to do next?', [
type: 'web_url',
url: '',
title: 'Show Website',
type: 'postback',
title: 'Start Chatting',

It will get responses like below:

Bot > Hello World
Bot > sendImage: [""]
Bot > sendButtonTemplate: ["What do you want to do next?",[{"type":"web_url","url":"","title":"Show Website"},{"type":"postback","title":"Start Chatting","payload":"USER_DEFINED_PAYLOAD"}]]

It's helpful when you want to test bots of any platforms on the console.

Exit Runtime

To exit console runtime, just type /exit or /quit as message.