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Version: 0.15.17


The following introduction shows the Bottender command-line interface usage.


To use Bottender CLI tools, you need to install bottender globally:

npm install -g bottender

Or use npx(already installed in npm@5.2.0 or greater) to get local bottender installation:

npx bottender

Some commands will need a bottender.config.js file to be properly configured.


The command-line interface included within bottender provides a number of helpful commands.


Or use btd shorthand:


To see all of the available commands, simply use the --help option:

bottender --help

Every command has a "help" screen which displays and describes the command's available arguments and options. To view them, simply precede the name of the command with --help:

bottender init --help

Create Bot

You can use interactive CLI to create your bots:

bottender init

After answer a few questions, a new bot will be ready for you.

Platform Specific Commands

To use platform specific commands, just type name of platform behind the bottender command.

For example, to set Messenger profile for your bots:

bottender messenger profile set

Or to get Telegram webhook information:

bottender telegram webhook get

Provide --help to see the details.